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ImageJ developers are often available via a couple of different chat services.


The Gitter chat service, while relatively new, is a great way to discuss programming issues with developers of the SciJava software stack. All you need is a GitHub account. Advantages of Gitter include a nice "21st century" web interface, email notification when participants miss messages, and a full searchable history.

Logo Organization Chat room
Imagej2-icon.png ImageJ imagej/imagej
Fiji-icon.png Fiji fiji/fiji
Knime-icon.png KNIME knime-ip/knip
Imglib2-icon.png ImgLib2 imglib/imglib2
Scifio-icon.png SCIFIO scifio/scifio
Scijava-icon.png SciJava scijava/scijava-common


Developers frequent IRC on, in chat rooms:

Channel Description Chat logs
#imagejdev Core ImageJ development discussion. imagejdev logs
#fiji-devel Fiji user and developer discussion and questions. fiji-devel logs

Advantages of IRC include anonymity, and maximum compatibility with a huge variety of existing chat clients.

If Javascript is enabled in your browser, you can connect to #fiji-devel right away, right here, by entering the captcha and clicking Connect (you can set your nickname using /nick <REPLACE-WITH-YOUR-NICKNAME>):

The chat client above is the Javascript client.

Or if you are lucky enough not to be blocked by a restrictive firewall, you can install and use a dedicated IRC client of your very own.