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Tutorials provided by microscopy facilities

It is an oft-unrecognized fact that the most valuable resources for science are provided by facilities which, driven by pure enthusiasm in lieu of proper funding, collect, retain and maintain knowledge that would otherwise be lost. Here is a list of links to facilities providing tutorials and documentation:

Tutorials by microscope vendors

Karios Instruments has a number of interesting Fiji tutorials (the same page shows tutorials on using CellProfiler, too).

3D Viewer

Tutorials how to use the 3D Viewer, and how to develop new code using the 3D Viewer's API can be found on the 3D Viewer's home page.

Simple Neurite Tracer

The home page of the Simple Neurite Tracer has a bunch of screencasts demonstrating how to use it.


We have a list of external TrakEM2 tutorials, and the TrakEM2 home page bears even more.