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Unfortunately, there was a bug in the ImageJ updater that affected the update of the updater itself. The easiest way to get back a functional updater is to import this URL via File>Import>URL....

If that does not work, please delete the files ij-ui-swing-updater-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar, ij-updater-core-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar and ij-core-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar from the directory (MacOSX users, Ctrl-click on the Fiji icon and select Open Package Contents and open the jars/ directory you see there). After that, the Updater should magically repair itself.

If that still fails, please download a fresh copy from here:


We have continuous releases thanks to ImageJ's Jenkins server:

Version Arch Win.png Osx.png Tux.png Java.svg Fiji-logo-1.0-128x128.png
Continuous release 32-bit Windows (32-bit) OS X1 Linux (32-bit) N/A All platforms
(no JREs)
64-bit Windows (64-bit) Linux (64-bit)

[1] There is only limited support for PowerPC (G4/G5) Macs, see MacOSX tips for a special download link.

As announced in this mail, we join the legions of construction workers digging up the streets during the second half of July 2013 (i.e. we also use the slow summer month to break things in order to make them better), incorporating extensive changes to reconcile Fiji with ImageJ2. The packages below reflect Fiji as of July 15th, 2013 and are offered here just in case the continuous build (or an updated version) above broke a formerly working operation that is desperately needed, like, right now.
Life-Line version 32-bit Windows (32-bit) OS X1 Linux (32-bit) N/A All platforms
(no JREs)
64-bit Windows (64-bit) Linux (64-bit)