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Getting help with ImageJ

Other ways to get help

Reporting bugs

If you encounter a bug, please consider taking some time to Report a Bug and test our fixes. Remember: ImageJ is a community effort, and it will be as good as you make it.

Getting help regarding the ImageJ Wiki

If you are looking for help editing this Wiki, please look here.


  • To be able to edit a page, you need to log in. If you do not have an ImageJ Wiki account yet, register via email.
  • To edit a new page, enter the title in the search box; there will be a red link you can follow to edit the page.
  • If you see a page having a layout you want to imitate, pretend to edit that page, copy the respective markup code (cancel editing after you copied it), and paste it into the page where you want to have it.

Keyboard shortcuts

Recent changes Alt+R
Main page Alt+Z
Preview Alt+P
Cancel edit Alt+C
Save page Alt+S
Show changes Alt+V (not C!)
Move keyboard focus
(e.g., main text to summary)

In MacOSX, the shortcuts are available through ^ Ctrl+ Alt+<key>.

New accounts

You will need to register by email; just click on this link and submit the form. Note that you need to specify a valid email address because a link will be sent there.