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ImageJA (ImageJA)
Author Wayne Rasband, Johannes Schindelin, Albert Cardona, et al
Maintainer ImageJ Jenkins
File JAR files in ImageJ Maven repository
Source Git repository
Initial release 17/03/2007
Latest version auto-updated
Development status auto-maintained
Website SourceForge site

ImageJA is a project that provides a clean Git History of the ImageJ 1.x branch, with a proper 'pom.xml' file so that it can be used with Maven without hassles.

Historical note

ImageJA was launched in 2005 as a fork of ImageJ; i.e., it was synchronized closely with ImageJ with a few changes on top:

  • When run as an applet, ImageJA is embedded (slated to be _optionally_ embedded, once the maintainer finds some time to do it).
  • The internal structure of ImageJA's recorder allows command listeners to get much more fine-grained information.
  • When launching a text editor, in many cases ImageJA will now choose Fiji's Script Editor, if available, instead of the old AWT based ImageJ editor.
  • ImageJA has an easy Plugin installer via Plugins>Install PlugIn... (ImageJ only has that drag-n-drop thingie).
  • The instance listener is RMI-based with ImageJA, so there is no security issue with it.
  • ImageJA's Command Launcher has fuzzy matching, too.
  • A couple of bug fixes:
    • JavaScript in ImageJA can find plugin classes, too.
    • ImageJA also put back some not-yet-deprecated methods as deprecated.
    • A simple bug fix in PolygonRoi drawing (it moves to the first point, but then draws a line to the same first point rather than the second).
    • A little bug fix in StackWindow: if you have a 2D time lapse, ImageJ will still use the zSelector (rather than the tSelector).
    • ImageJA can handle https:// URLs, too.

Where is the applet used?

To the knowledge of the author of the advanced applet parts of ImageJA, the applet is used at least here: