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Publications introducing Fiji

  • Fiji was prominently featured in Nature Methods review supplement on visualization [3]
  • A review of biological imaging software tools focusses on open source programs and Fiji is a big part of it[4].
  • A German article about Fiji was published in the popular scientific journal Laborwelt (with one erratum: the authors would never claim that Fiji succeeds ImageJ; rather, Fiji Is Just ImageJ).

Publications using or enhancing Fiji

  • A powerful plugin for registering SPIM (Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy) and other multi-angle image data was published in Nature Methods[8]
  • TrakEM2 was used and enhanced to identify neuronal lineages, and an article was published in the Journal of Neuroscience[9] about it.
  • The algorithms behind TrakEM2 registration were presented at the ISMB conference and published in Bioinformatics.[10]
  • TrakEM2 finally got its well deserved primary reference through the PLoS Biology paper on neuronal architecture of the fruitfly brain.[12]
  • Not so simple Simple_Neurite_Tracer, a product of the hard work of Mark Longair and one of the premier Fiji projects was published in Bioinformatics. [14]
  • We wanted to have the Balloon segmentation plugin in Fiji for a long time and our request for the source code pushed the corresponding Nature Methods paper[15] forward. Thanks Lionel Dupuy!
  • A commentary by Albert Cardona and Pavel Tomancak discusses the impact and problems open source software development faces in academia[17].
  • Albert Cardona's TrakEM2 was published in PLoS One[18].
  • ImgLib2 was published in Bioinformatics. The library developed jointly by Stephan Saalfeld, Stephan Preibisch and Tobias Pietzsch has originated in Fiji but has outgrown it becoming the centerpiece of other projects, especially ImageJ2 Pavel Tomancak provided funding for its developers.[19].
  • OpenSPIM[20] relies heavily on Fiji for microscope operation and SPIMage processing.
  • MosaicSuite[21] from Ivo Sbalzarini's lab published in BMC Bioinformatics.


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