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Fiji is an image processing package based on ImageJ.

Fiji stands for Fiji is Just ImageJ.

(For Fiji the island, see Fiji.)

In case you are familiar with Linux: if ImageJ was the kernel, Fiji would be a distribution.

Fiji enhances ImageJ by shipping with a set of plugins in a coherent menu structure, and comprehensive documentation.

Fiji is a project aiming at simplifying

  • The installation of ImageJ
  • The usage of ImageJ
  • The usage of specific, powerful ImageJ plugins
  • The development of plugins using ImageJ

Fiji supports numerous image processing procedures, and it's particularly oriented towards:

  • Image registration
  • Image segmentation
  • 3D reconstruction
  • 3D Visualization

Fiji is released under the General Public License.

Each component has its own license.

It is an Open Source project, so everybody is welcome to contribute with plugins, patches, bug reports, tutorials, documentation, and artwork. If you'd like to share any idea or project with us, please contact us via the mailing list or via IRC.

Fiji's users are all over the planet.

Fiji is developed by numerous contributors.

Fiji is supported by several institutions, directly and indirectly: