Fiji is an image processing package — a "batteries-included" distribution of ImageJ, bundling many plugins which facilitate scientific image analysis.

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Why Fiji?

Easy to Use

Fiji is easy to use and install - in one-click, Fiji installs all of its plugins, features an automatic updater, and offers comprehensive documentation.


Fiji bundles together many popular and useful ImageJ plugins for image analysis into one installation, and automatically manages their dependencies and updating.

Free & Open Source

Like ImageJ itself, Fiji is an open source project hosted on GitHub, developed and written by the community.


Fiji features thousands of plugins that aid in scientific image processing and analysis. Here are a few featured plugins hand-picked by the Fiji community - refresh the page to see different plugins!

List of All Plugins


Fiji is developed by contributors around the world, and funded from various sources. It is maintained by the Eliceiri/LOCI group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Jug group at Human Technopole in Milan, and Tomancak lab at the MPI-CBG in Dresden.

Fiji is an open source project, so everybody is welcome to contribute with plugins, patches, bug reports, tutorials, documentation, and artwork.

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Fiji is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It builds on top of the ImageJ2 core, which is licensed under the permissive BSD 2-clause license. Plugins and other components have their own licenses.

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Citing Fiji

Like most scientific software, funding for the Fiji project is driven by citations. If you use Fiji, please cite it in your publications!

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Partnered Projects

The Fiji project is driven by a strong desire to improve the tools available for life sciences to process and analyze data. To this end, Fiji collaborates closely with the following projects: